METABOLISM ASSAYS Convenient Biolumines Bioluminescent Assays NAD+, NADP+, NADH and NADPH are important cofactors for many enzymes involved in key cellular pathways. Quantitation of these dinucleotides is a standard approach to monitor enzyme activity directly or indirectly. Promega offers three “add-mix-measure” assay systems to detect and quantify these important molecules. Schematic Diagram of the NAD/NADH-Glo™ Assay Technology NAD Cycling Product NAD Cycling Enzyme NADH Reductase Reductase Substrate Assay Features • High Sensitivity •">automation Compatible “Add-and-Read” Format: Reactions are scalable and can be performed at low volumes in 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates. • Reliable and Reproducible: All three assays routinely yield Z´ factors >0.7. • Stable: Glow-type signal with a half-life greater than two hours, allowing batch plate processing. • Robust: Luminescence-based detection format avoids interference sometimes seen with fluorescence-based assays. Luciferin NAD+ Luciferin Detection Reagent (Ultra-Glo™ rLuciferase + ATP) NAD Cycling Substrate to D Light enews | September 2013 11738MA Pagina 3

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