CLINICAL RESEARCH Save Time and Improve">automating Accurate assays depend on high-quality input total RNA or genomic DNA. Manual methods for nucleic acid extraction from blood can be time-consuming, labor-intensive and may produce inconsistent results. The Maxwell® 16 MDx Instrument and associated sample extraction kits provide a convenient bench-top option for">automated purification of DNA or RNA from blood samples. • Processes up to 16 samples in 30-60 minutes • Provides optimized">automated extraction of 1-16 samples per run • Improves consistency by eliminating manual processing • Tracks samples easily with barcode screening option • Avoids cross-contamination using particle processing technology See data from Maxwell® purification of genomic DNA or total RNA from blood in these 3 short papers 1. Isolation of genomic DNA from blood and buffy coat samples The standard Maxwell® 16 protocol uses up to 250µl of buffy coat concentrated from 2.5ml of whole blood. In this report we provide a method using up to 500µl of buffy coat concentrated from 5ml of whole blood. enews | Fall 2013 Pagina 5

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